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A prominent Michigan regional healthcare center wanted to identify potential challenges and opportunities as they expanded their presence in a new community. Using MarketView 360°, Intellitrends identified prevailing attitudes and perceptions, positive and negative, toward the proposed facility and those dynamics that inform and heighten acceptance and desire for the expanded facility (media, key influencers).

The study also isolated competitive positioning and key issues influencing the attitudes and perceptions of community influencers. Follow-on PR and advertising initiatives were implemented to reinforce positive messaging and address outlying concerns.

Focused Growth
  • Identify key market influencers for healthcare decisions
  • Reveal dynamics that create perceptions and attitudes
  • Measure your competitive position in the healthcare market space
  • Benchmark needs of key healthcare consumer segments
  • Identify core service enhancements to improve market position
  • Focus Employee Feedback Program to align the message and delivery
  • Identify emerging trends for desired and needed services
  • Test new services and measure anticipate use
  • Refine and focus needed PR and Marketing initiatives (messaging, media channels, key influencers)