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Mobile technology has quickly and dramatically transformed consumer behavior from simply how they interact with people to how they interact with your brand, your products and services. In 2014, mobile devices represented 83% of total internet usage and in 2015, there will be 2 billion smartphone users!

Now with Intellitrends iMobileShare™ feedback technology, you have access to over 1 million+ consumers - on the go - equipped with their mobile devices - ready to review, record and report on your products or services – anywhere, anytime! Get instant access and instant feedback from your customers, your competitors’ customers, and new consumers who use similar products, or are near your store or location.

GPS Geo-Fencing locates and identifies consumers at your trade area as they enter, shop or leave the specified location Trending and feedback from the onsite consumer during real-time shopping experiences. Consumer can take a picture and/or video of the environment then fill out a quick survey for immediate feedback! Tasking and Trial can be assigned to be completed such as shelf placement, neatness, POP display, purchase and trial the product in home (IHUT), and record and report their in-depth experiences!