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Michigan Governor Snyder leverages The MICHAuto Study to Create Auto Talent Program Aimed At Students
Oct 9, 2015

Clarkston, MI — MICHAuto commissioned Intellitrends to conduct a national study to learn of the issues of the dwindling pool of automotive talent facing the transportation sector.  As a result, Governor Rick Snyder announced a talent initiative for the automotive industry called “We Run on Brainpower” with the goal of attracting and retaining Michigan students and residents to work in the automotive industry.  “This is a direct result of some of the findings in the study” says Marlene Stone, President and CEO of Intellitrends.  “The study identified the automotive industry as not as growth industry and low exposure to youth, which hinders the career path for up and coming talent.  We are very pleased that factual study data can drive change” continues Marlene. Read More here.

View the MICHAuto report here.

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